Fan leather jackets RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY


We pledge to deliver exceptional outerwear and premium delivery services, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Meeting your satisfaction, we implemented a return and exchange policy customized to your wants. By conforming to our terms, conditions, and return policy, we provide top-notch customer service.

At our core, we prioritize your satisfaction. At your discretion, you can exchange or return your purchase and receive a store credit.

For a perfect fit, consult our size chart on the website, and select your measurement accordingly. It is essential that our customers conduct a thorough measurement assessment before placing an order to achieve a customized fit. Your requested size will be precisely replicated, creating a customized piece of clothing. If you spot an error, kindly notify our customer service within seven working days of receiving your jacket.

Any errors found during delivery are on us, and we will take responsibility. Dimension, shade, structure, or appearance deviations from the purchased or depicted online item qualify for return or exchange. Please submit photos of the actual item within seven business days after receipt.

To prevent misuse of our return/exchange policy for resale purposes, we advise selecting the ideal size that suits you perfectly. We do not allow returns or exchanges for size discrepancies in a singular purchase, even if multiple sizes of a similar product have been ordered. Committed to providing accurate measurements, we encourage customers to check dimensions before placing an order.

A $50 restocking fee may be charged for size modifications made after purchase, unless we have contributed to the error, in which case, all costs will be covered by us.

A $40 deduction from your refund will be made if you request to return an item without a valid reason. In that situation, the customer is responsible for covering shipping charges.

Order alterations or substitutions are not allowed after the order has been placed. For standard delivery, please notify us of any shade or measurement changes within two business days. For speedy delivery, notify us within 24 hours.

In the span of 24 hours following the order, cancellation requests must be submitted. Following this time, the criteria:

– Cancellations made before shipment qualify for a 30% deduction.

– A 10% deduction is applied when cancellations are made within 3 business days.

Following confirmation, cancellations won’t be accepted after seven business days.

Upon inspection, our dedicated team of inspectors carefully examines each item for color fidelity, size conformity, stitching integrity, leather grade, and design conformance before sending it to you. We replace your items without additional cost and cover all shipping fees if damaged during transport. To facilitate the process, please provide pictures of the damaged item within 24 hours, ensuring the tag is still affixed.

Your refund entitlement includes the original purchase amount and any applicable shipping charges, provided your item does not arrive within 29 working days of your final confirmation. A full refund will be provided if your jacket does not arrive within seven working days of ordering, along with shipping costs.

The cornerstone of our approach is creating a seamless, enjoyable experience for Fan leather Jacket shopping. For any questions or concerns, our Customer Support Representatives are always available. Since we appreciate your trust, we are dedicated to offering you exceptional service.